31343427237_5ef9bb6511_zI am a Chicano/a/x/@ writer, (sometimes) bike courier, and  educator. My writing focuses movement in cities, and practicing an awareness of the places we share. I also write zines based on classic kids books.

My latest projects are Rethinking Travel and Adventures Close to Home. Rethinking Travel is a workbook on reevaluating what we value when moving around our cities and neighborhoods. Adventures Close to Home is a written narrative of a bike ride from the bottom of East Oakland to the top of the East Bay Hills, reflecting on the cultures, build environment, and environmental history of the area. Past zine projects include the smash hits Zinester’s Guide to San Diego and If You Give a Punk a Coffee (an update of this classic children’s book).

Summer 2019 I taught a week-long youth zine and print camp at Oakland’s Juior Center. You can see some of my photography on my flickr page. My old blog is ZGSD, a zinesters’ guide to San Diego (now out of date). Attended zine fests include San Diego Zine Fest, Portland Zine Symposium, San Jose Zine Conference, Joshua Tree Zine Fest, East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest, Tijuana Zine Fest, Santa Cruz Zine Fest, Orange County Zine Fest, and Long Beach Zine Fest. All of them were my favorite.